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Direct from the Shipyard- These Terminal Tugs may be built with full FiFi-1 if required. The units are now in use by my past Employers Foss Maritime and the US Navy to name a few, Built in the U.S.A.  

         They are super rugged and very low maintenance with minimal crew requirement to run the vessels as these “Tractor” type units are one line vessel movers and escorts. Excellent for LNG Terminal and Large Vessel Berthing and Movements these Z Drive Tugs with their one line and 65T BP with two man crew has a very Low Maintenance Cost, are Very Efficient, Economical with Outstanding Maneuverability and Safety Records. These are simply the next Generation in Terminal Tugs.

          The tugs are also designed to carry a Markey 20-hp electric winch on the stern capable of deploying soft line or wire rope. These are intended for use on occasional towing jobs or barge handling assignments.


          The tug is heavily fendered with three layers of Schuyler Rubber loop fendering at the bow, topped by a large cylindrical fender at bulwark level. Including the soft loop fendering that runs around the hull, the entire fendering package weighs about 20 tons.


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