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Our Mission


To supply Contractors in the Offshore Marine Gas and Oil Industry with the Highest Quality of Vessel and Equipment at the Best Pricing in the Industry

Whether Building New and Purchasing Direct from our Shipyards or Purchasing through our Associates, Owners or Speculation Vessel Supplier Groups World Wide for Immediate Requirements.




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Jack Up & Semi Submersible Rigs


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Robert Allan Ltd. New Building 


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3rd Generation 70 Passenger 40.4meter Fast Supply Crew Vessels 2015

10 Crew in 8 Berths w/ 2 Owner Cabins, Sickbay, Full Galley and Mess-

6m USD$ Delivered by Heavy Lift Vessel to USA, Mexico, W. Africa, Med. Persian Gulf.








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Below DP2 Accommodation Work Barge @ 112 meter 300man with 300T-400T Crane 




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 "SWRO" Reverse Osmosis
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Dean H. Stabbert- Director, USAsia Co. - USAsia Logistics USAsia Offshore Services 

website; USAsia Co - USAsia Offshore Services - USAsia Logistics

e-mail Offshore@USAsialogistics.com


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